E-Bike (3 Wheels)

3 Wheel Electric Bike


  • It is equipped with a one key unlocking system.

  • It has a removable basket that is very simple to install. 

  • Forward and reverse, three-gear speed regulation.

  • Three speed regulation. Forward and reverse gears.(it is convenient to reverse without worrying about speed).

  • Anti-slip slope( in case of a sudden stop due to obstacles on the slope, the anti-slip function will automatically engage.

  • The main control system is equipped with the latest permenent technology.

  • Has an adjustable sliding 

  • Front and rear dual shock absorption.

  • Strong power surging motor.

  • Close battery campartment+storage compartment to prevent water.

  • With no deformation after sitting for a long time.

  • It is equipped with bright headlights that are clear in rainy, snowy and foggy days to ensure driving safely.

  • All round protection baby seat with an armrest.

  • Multi-functional handle bar makes you operate it without letting go which increases driving safety.



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E-Bike (3 Wheels)

3 Wheel electric bike


E-Bike (3 Wheels)

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E-Bike (3 Wheels)

3 Wheel Electric Bike


E-Bike (3 Wheels)

3 Wheel Electric Bike